Vienna 2014

University of Vienna, 23-25 April 2014

Keynote Speakers: Thomas Wallnig (University of Vienna) and Howard Hotson (University of Oxford)

Scientiae 2014, the third annual conference on the emergent knowledge practices of the early modern period (ca. 1450-1750), will take place on the 23-25 April 2014 at the University of Vienna in Austria, building upon the success of Scientiae 2012 (Simon Fraser University) and Scientiae 2013 (Warwick), each of which brought together more than 100 scholars from around the world.

The premise of this conference is that knowledge during the period of the Scientific Revolution was inherently interdisciplinary, involving complex mixtures of practices and objects which had yet to be separated into their modern “scientific” hierarchies. Our approach, subsequently, needs to be equally wide-ranging, involving Biblical exegesis, art theory, logic, and literary humanism; as well as natural philosophy, alchemy, occult practices, and trade knowledge. Attention is also given to mapping intellectual geographies through the tools of the digital humanities. Scientiae is intended for scholars working in any area of early-modern intellectual culture, but is centred around the emergence of modern natural science. The conference offers a forum for the dissemination of research, acts as a catalyst for new investigations, and is open to scholars of all levels.

Scientiae 2014 has been made possible thanks to our official partners, the Medizinische Universität Wien, the Institut für Geschichte, the Josephinum Museum, and the Universität Wien, whose sponsorship we gratefully acknowledge.


The final programme for Scientiae 2014 is now available to download. Dr Christiane Druml (Vice-Rector, Medical University of Vienna) and Professor Marianne Klemun (University of Vienna) will offer welcoming remarks before our convenor, Vittoria Feola, introduces the first keynote address of the conference.

Download the Programme

Venue Information

The venue for Scientiae 2014 will be the Juridicum, or Law School of the University of Vienna. On-site registration will be located at the main entrance (ground floor) / Heßgasse. The conference will take place on the top floor / Dachgeschoß (7th floor), and in various seminar rooms (51, 61, 62). Seminar rooms 51 and 52 are on the 5th floor. Seminar rooms 60 and 61 are on the 6th floor. Please be aware that, in order to reach the Dachgeschoss, where some sessions as well as all breaks will take place, it is necessary to take the lift or the stairs from Stiege 1 (Staircase 1). Please press DG. Please note that it will be possible to print in the Dachgeschoss during breaks.

The Juridicum is situated in the centre of Vienna, not far from the main university building. The address is: Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010 Vienna. Please click here for a map showing the location of the Juridicum and surrounding area.

Josephinum Tours

Guided tours of the Josephinum Museum will take place at the following times during the conference: Thursday, 13:00-14:00 and Friday, 13:30-14:30. The Josephinum can also be visited on one’s own, for free upon showing your Scientiae name badge throughout Friday, 10:00-18:00 and Saturday, 10:00-18:00. The Josephinum houses the largest library of medical works in the German-speaking world and the second largest collection of anatomical waxes in the world. The museum is within walking distance of the conference venue.

For any questions, please contact Vittoria Feola.

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