The central activity of the Scientiae is an annual spring conference, meeting over three days. The conference will feature two to three prominent keynote speakers, and a casual banquet. As much as possible, sessions at the conference will be organized, not by discipline, but by subject-matter: scholars, whatever their training, who are talking about the same topic, talking with each other. Our goal is to reproduce, in our academic conversations, the interdisciplinarity that informs our common field.

The first Scientiae conference was held in Vancouver, Canada (Simon Fraser University) in 2012; the second, in Warwick, U.K. (University of Warwick) in 2013; the third, in Vienna, Austria (Vienna Medical University) in 2014; and the fourth, in Toronto, Canada (University of Toronto). Scientiae 2016 was held at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, Scientiae 2017 at the University of Padua, and Scientiae 2018 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. In a recognition of the international work currently being done in early-modern studies, as well as of the differing academic cultures informing this work, future conferences will continue to be held in a tripartite rotation between the Americas, the UK, and continental Europe. Except where otherwise noted, the language of the conference will be English. Publication opportunities will follow each conference.

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