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Creative Forms of Natural Philosophy: Media

We were delighted to see so many people attending our third Online Workshop, hosted by Cassie Gorman. Many thanks to our speakers: Debapriya Sarkar, Liza Blake, and Kathryn Murphy, and all who actively participated in the discussions or just sat back and enjoyed the programme. Please find a full recording on our YouTube channel via

30 October: Workshop

Creative Forms of Natural Philosophy

Friday 30 October: 16.30-18.00 (London); 17.30-19.00 (Rome); 12:30-14.00 (New York)

The focus of this workshop revisits and reconsiders the diverse literary forms that comprised early modern, natural philosophical knowledge and practice. From narrative poetry and allegorical romance, to philosophical theatre and thought experiments in prose, forms of ‘imaginative’ literature broadened the directions of natural philosophical pursuit and created new intellectual possibilities. This multi-disciplinary workshop teases out some of these complex threads, reflecting further on the place of imaginative literature within early modern natural philosophy. 

Speakers and papers 

  • Debapriya Sarkar (University of Connecticut): The Romance of Scientific Method 
  • Liza Blake (University of Toronto): Magnetic Physics and Theatrical Psychology: William Gilbert and Ben Jonson’s Magnetic Lady
  • Kathryn Murphy (University of Oxford): The Edge of the Self at the Limit of the World: Nathaniel Fairfax’s Thought Experiments 

This free event is organised by Cassie Gorman (Anglia Ruskin University), one of the Directors of Scientiae. To register, please email Cassie at cassie.gorman [at] and you will receive a link to join the workshop on Zoom. Please do not share this link. Note that we will be recording the workshop in its 90-minute duration. 

The Deep Time of the Earth: Media

The second Scientiae Workshop ‘The Deep Time of the Earth: Environmental Experiments with History’ was well-attended and provided ample food for thought. Many thanks to our speakers – Enrico Pasini, Tina Asmussen, and Ivano Dal Prete – and our audience! Please find a full recording on our YouTube channel via

A concise bibliography can be downloaded here.

6 August: Workshop

The Deep Time of the Earth: Environmental Experiments with History

This workshop aims to revisit the relation between environmentalism and sustainability on the one hand, and historiography on the other; in particular, by building on the ‘material turn’, it seeks to reflect on subterranean knowledge as a way to conceptualize the role of distance and scale. While the deep time has obviously featured as a point of inquiry in the history of geology, our view is not limited to that discipline, but also relates to learned meteorology, Renaissance artists/engineers, early modern mining, and how Leibniz received the sciences of the Earth.


Ivano Dal Prete (Yale University)
Tina Asmussen (ETH, Zurich)
Enrico Pasini (University of Turin)

Time:17:00 (Rome); 16:00 (London); 11:00 (New York)

Info and Structure:

This event is organized and moderated by one of the Scientiae Directors, Stefano Gulizia (Polish Inst. of Advanced Studies), who can be reached at sgulizia[at] for any question. The event is free. To register, please write an email to pertransibunt[at] and you will receive the link to join the Zoom meeting. Do not share this link. Note that we will record it in its 90-minute duration and post it to our site.

Workshop on Gender and Medical Epistemology: Media

The 4 June Scientiae workshop on gender and medical epistemology, organised by Stefano Gulizia (Warsaw), was an absolute success! We are very grateful to our speakers – Alisha Rankin (Tufts), Elizabeth Yale (Iowa), Valentina Pugliano (MIT) – and all who joined us, please see the photo above for a screenshot taken by Fabrizio Baldassarri (Bucharest). For those who could not join us this time, please find below links to the video recording of the workshop, plus a transcript of the chat we had afterwards, including comments by William Eamon (New Mexico), Florike Egmond (Leiden), Bernard D. Cooperman (Maryland), Dolores Iorizzo (NYU), J.B. Shank (Minnesota), Sharon Strocchia (Emory), and Natacha Klein Käfer (Copenhagen). Please keep an eye on this page, as we plan on more workshops!


4 June: Online workshop on gender and medical epistemology

Scientiae is holding a special online workshop on gender and medical epistemology in the early modern period. The meeting will use a mix of specially recorded presentations and live discussion.   The event takes place on 4 June, from 5pm to 6.30pm CEST (GMT+2). It will be on Zoom; please check this dedicated web site for more information: The link to the conference will be posted on the morning of the event, both there and on a reminder on this list.   Our speakers are: Alisha Rankin (Tufts), Elizabeth Yale (Iowa), and Valentina Pugliano (MIT).   Please contact Stefano Gulizia at sgulizia [at] with questions.

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