Amsterdam 2021

The annual Scientiae conference on disciplines of knowing in the early modern world will take place at the University of Amsterdam, 9-12 June 2021. 

We intend to hold an in-person conference in Amsterdam in 2021. We are very well aware the situation regarding the pandemic in a year from now is very uncertain, but we intend and plan to meet each other in real life. If, in the Spring of 2021, it turns out that organizing a physical conference won’t be possible, there will be an online Scientiae 2021 conference on the same dates. We are already exploring how to organize this in the best possible way.

The Call for Papers for Amsterdan 2021 will be available early October 2020 and the deadline for proposals is set at 15 January 2021.  

We have reached out to the all the participants of the Amsterdam 2020 conference on 28 July 2020. If you have not received an email from us, please get in touch with the conference committee via pertransibunt[at]

We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam, or online, in June 2021!

On behalf of the Conference Committee,

Djoeke van Netten
Stefano Gulizia
Karen Hollewand

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